Using Computer Forensics and Your Mobile Apps to Clear Your Name

Most people are very concerned that someone could hack into their computer go through their files, steal their identity, get all of their credit card numbers, and drain their bank account. There’s been more than one person go to check their credit rating only to find out that someone has taken out tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of loans in their name, and left them with the payments.

Yes, this is not the responsibility because it was a criminal act, but if you’ve ever tried to clear up your credit after someone did something like that, it can take years, and be more stress than it seems worth sometimes. Yes, no wonder people are worried about computers, their mobile tech devices, the apps they download, and all of the hackers. Some folks are worried also about computer forensics, meaning there might be information they’ve deleted off their computer which might still be able to be accessed by someone else.

In fact, a recent issue was that you smart phone will record everywhere you were thanks to the GPS features, and it would store this data for something like 90 days. In other words, it can track every single place you went for 90-days if you carried your mobile technology with you. Today, most people do, therefore not only are they tracked, but that data is being stored, and can be accessed by people who know how to get to it.

Okay so that sounds kind of upsetting doesn’t it? Well then, you probably don’t want to do anything wrong to you? Still, what if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone thinks you did something you didn’t, that’s always a concern right? Sure it is, but you are more than likely to be able to prove you were somewhere else rather than at a location where something bad happened that you might be implicated for as a suspect.

In fact, in using computer hacking forensic investigator and your mobile phone apps you might be able to clear your name, in the case that you were accused of crime you didn’t commit. In which case they would drop all charges, or the detectives, or investigators would move on to a more likely culprit. Therefore, there is a lot to be said from living in an all-knowing society, with an abundance of personal data everywhere. In some cases it can be a bad thing, and in other cases it could easily prove your innocence. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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