Top 5 Movies That Changed the Way We Watch Movies

Remember watching certain films when you were a kid and thinking, “this movie is amazing!” Then you watch when you’re older and you think, “What was I thinking? This film is terrible!” It happens and it’s ok. We were kids and easily amused.

Depending on what generation you happen to be a part of, you’ll have a different view of this. If you’re a baby boomer, the films that are coming out now absolutely blow away the cinema that came out when you were a kid in regards to effects. Not to say there weren’t good films in your day, the technologies of today’s movies are just so advanced and frankly, make movie watching pretty amazing. Streaming VF

In the last few decades, there have been some revolutionary movies. Movies that have changed the way we watch movies. While today’s movie effects are amazing and sometimes it even takes a lot to impress us, there are movies that led the way and helped form the standard the we judge movie effects.

Here are the top 5 movies that changed the way we watch films:

1. Star Wars IV: A New Hope

2. Terminator 2

3. The Matrix

4. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

5. Jurassic Park

These films made us drool over the ridiculous, realistic effects and how they brought to life characters that we thought we’d only ever see in our minds. Effects in movies are only getting more and more advanced, so we can be excited for the next set of cinema that revolutionize our movie viewing experience.

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