Maximizing Posts to a Niche Job Board

Many individuals who have turned to online job boards as a recruiting method for their businesses or companies are fearful that social networking will soon overrun and eventually completely negate the need for these boards. This, however, is not the case at all. While social networking is a popular happening in today’s internet dependent world, it is rarely truly useful in finding potential employees.

Social networking, for those who are unaware, is the practice of meeting and networking with individuals through the computer. Common social networking sites include Facebook and MySpace, though there are much more professional sites such as These professional sites are designed to bring together employees or owners of similar businesses and companies. Additionally, those seeking employment may post their resumes to the site in the hopes of securing a job, or members of one company may recommend potential employees to members of another. In some ways, these sites serve as a “who knows who” kind of environment, but in others, they are simply a shot in the dark as to what kind of people one will meet and interact with.

As you can see, however, this is a long process that takes a great deal of work, both for the job seeker and for the potential employer. Job seekers will not want to waste all the time and effort required to post their resumes and cover letters on a wide variety of websites that may or may not be useful. And why should they, when they can simply log onto Craigslist or another “help wanted” site and answer a few ads that pertain to work they know they would enjoy doing. The same is true for employers as well. Employers simply do not wish to wade through tons of resumes and information on applicants who might potentially be qualified when they can post an ad and hear from hundreds of applicants who most definitely are.

It must also be noted that the best candidates – the candidates an employer really wants – will be too busy with work, school, or other important activities to have the time to waste on social networking. If an employer wants a good, hardworking employee, then he or she should not turn to social networking sites. Most of the people on these sites are desperate for work and have exhausted all other options. This means, sadly, that they will take any position or maybe even fudge a resume to get a job.  remote careers

Obviously, these are not the candidates one wants to deal with. Employers will want to use online job boards to be sure that they are getting those individuals who are fast, who can work efficiently, and who know the most direct route to finding employment. For these reasons then, there are really no worries about social networking taking over online recruiting. It’s just not going to happen.


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