Body Massage: How To Use Oil

Have you ever watched the scene in the movies where they use plenty of oil to massage someone? It looks pretty oily, isn’t it? Well, actually it is. This time, there is not much discrepancy or difference between real life and the movies.

People in India have been known to use oil heavily for massage. The true purpose of using these oils is that they act as massage lubricants.

In case you are wondering about purchasing and using these oils, you should read the following 4 points carefully.

1. Choose your oil type

The types of oil are many. You can find more than a dozen at the local massage store. This can be from rosemary oil to cedar oil and many more. Each oils serve different purposes like elevating a person’s mood or balancing the skin. When buying one, always find out the effects first before deciding on which type.

2. You don’t want the oil to be cold 강남안마

Many people seem to forget this advice. Make sure the oil is warm before you apply to your partner’s body. You can do this by placing the oil bottle in hot running water for a few minutes. You can even use a baby bottle warmer to do so. But you should never put it inside a microwave oven because it can overheat the oil!

3. Form your palm into a cup shape and pour the oil onto it

Actually, you should place your hand onto your partner’s body first when pouring the oil. How much should you apply? This depends on how big the body area is. For example, if you want to massage a person’s back, you should apply more. Your massaging technique will also influence the required amount of oil. It may take a few times to get it right.

4. Rub your palms together

After pouring the oil onto your palms, you should rub them to provide more warmth. Then, glide your hands over your partner’s skin to spread the layer of oil over the intended massage area. When doing so, you should avoid forming puddles or concentrated oil spots.

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