Benefits of CPAP Nasal Pillows

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your physician will prescribe medical interventions like the use of the continuous positive airway pressure device. With a CPAP machine, you will be receiving a stream of compressed air at a steady and constant pressure from the hose to the nasal pillow, nose mask or full-face mask.

And herein lies the differences between the three. There are advantages and disadvantages for each one but for most people the best is the CPAP nasal pillows. In Toronto, in fact, it remains one of the bestselling products for CPAP. Here are the reasons why.

Full Benefits, Almost Full Liberty

The manufacturers of the CPAP nasal pillows, in Toronto and everywhere in the country, have designed them to stay attached only to the nostrils. You will, however, still secure the same full benefits of any other CPAP device but with more liberty to move around in your sleep (i.e., change positions) without the encumbrances of a full-face mask.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the liberty of not having the full-face mask hinder your activities in the nighttime like:

Read books and watch television shows even with the CPAP nasal pillows. In Toronto and anywhere else you might be staying for the night, this feature brings back a sense of normalcy to your life that has been adversely affected by sleep apnea. (With CPAP nasal pillows, your vision is not as obstructed as in full-face masks) Sleep Apnea

Talk with your partner because your voice is not muffled by any full-face mask. Since the CPAP nasal pillow only attaches to your nostrils, you are at more liberty to talk without repeating the same things twice.

Now, you can travel outside of Toronto with your family and friends, colleagues and officemates without too much ado about looking like a creature straight out of Star Wars! And if you have claustrophobia, the best remedy is often the CPAP nasal pillows. In Toronto, you can ask your physician for this type of CPAP device at the onset to avoid paying for the full-face mask and then replacing it almost immediately. Your insurance company may not pay for the sudden replacement.

Physical Comfort

With ill-fitting full-face masks, you are more exposed to getting skin irritations like painful pressure points. Also, full-face masks can leak and release air into the eyes, which causes them to become dry and teary. These are just few of the physical discomforts you might have with full-face masks.


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